Gaza Under Attack! Dr. Mona El-Farra writes from her home in Gaza City where she is with her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

It is our life and the nature of our situation here in Gaza… a quiet that is tainted with caution. You see people on a beautiful beach having fun. Nothing distinguishes them from any other beach besides their clothing and rapidly erupting situations where we move from quiet to escalation, and the sounds of bombs and the smell of gunpowder interspersed with news of death and loss.

I try to simplify what is happening to my granddaughter Lujain, but I find that her father has beat me to telling her about the sounds of the explosions that frightened her and caused her to plug her ears with her small fingers. I explain to her simply and realistically that criminals have taken control of Palestine and exiled the population and stolen their homes, rabbits, cats, farms, and toys and barred them from returning. They have banned them from the airport, from freedom and from everything and forced them to live in camps. She was a five-year-old child listening to the sounds of the sea in the morning, and the sounds of the shelling and news of the martyrdom of a child at eight in the evening. And thus, entering her first experience.

This is Palestine.

This is Gaza.