Despite the pandemic and its impact on the world and lately in Gaza, I want to mention a few uplifting remarks from our relatively short experience with COVID-19 outbreak.

MECA team and partners organizations were the first to reach community with food parcels and some cleaning supplies last month when the first cases of coronavirus were found in the community and the whole Gaza Strip was put under lockdown. I received thank you messages every day from different areas from people who are not working because of the lockdown. Due to the Israeli occupation and siege, many families were living hand to mouth and then lost their daily wages during the lockdown. Some extended families are also in quarantine with whole families inside their homes carrying the virus and unable to go out to the store.

We as Palestinian people who are struggling for peace, justice and freedom are used to hard times. For decades we have gone from one crisis to another on top of military attacks. I have developed certain techniques that help me to continue while living and working in this abnormal situation such as reading, walking, cooking listening to music etc. The best one is to involve yourself in working for others and the feeling that you are not alone and part of an international family and community.

Working with MECA helps me to focus on small successes when the whole reality is against you. The overall political, humanitarian, and social situation is getting worse. To live in Gaza, this small, occupied piece of land, lacking freedom of movement, no regular power, no proper sanitation, no proper health services, is difficult. And on top of that now the corona lockdown and separation between areas within Gaza. Among all these horrendous circumstances, it is a big success and uplifting to watch from a distance our teams of volunteers, reaching people at their homes with aid from MECA.

We will continue because nothing is more valuable than humans supporting each other.

I wish that this pandemic will be defeated, as well as the serious virus, THE OCCUPATION.

I dream and nobody can take away my dream of social justice. I dream that our generation will hand the flame to young people who will continue on the same path. And in this I can see how our work with Palestinian children and the community is so important. There is nothing worse than losing faith and hope. My friends, we will continue and the future is ours. We are on the right side of history fighting for a noble cause, fighting for our shared humanity.

Love and solidarity from Gaza,
Mona El-Farra

Food parcels included fresh vegetables form Gaza farmers, food staples and cleaning supplies

Volunteers and staff from six partners in Gaza distributed food parcels to 1250 families in need in August