Meeting with some of the scholarship recipients in Gaza

Education is not lifesaving in the same way as food parcels for families living in poverty or clean water for children to drink but in Palestine, education is hope saving. And hope is what we need more of now.

The dramatic increase in poverty, the continuous Israeli siege, the closure of the crossings and restrictions on traveling to study or work abroad make education the only gateway to hope for a decent life. Higher education gives youth a greater opportunity to have work and support themselves and their families in the future.

The most beautiful moments of my work at MECA through supervising many projects are meetings with students during their annual application for the renewal of the scholarship. I witness how they progress step by step, how their personalities are formed, their self-confidence is strengthened, and their ambitions become clear.

I will never forget the call I received from of one of the students receiving a scholarship from MECA. Three years ago, Ahmed explained to me that he walked home from his university for two hours because he does not have transportation fees. Now, Ahmed is a recent graduate from the Faculty of Physical Education with an excellent grade average and he works as an activator in one of MECA’s projects for traumatized children in Gaza.

The scholarship did not provide him with water and food at the time, but after supporting his education for four years, it provided him with a good job opportunity to be able to provide the basic needs of life for himself and his family independently. Undoubtedly, it made him a strong person capable of facing life’s challenges.