Donate to provide emergency winter aid to families in Gaza

Today it is very cold in Gaza. This weekend there was a storm with heavy rain which is supposed to be a blessing everywhere but it is a curse in Gaza. The lack of the infrastructure created by decades of occupation and years of a crippling siege has left us with no proper drainage, electricity, or sewage system to face such a relatively severe winter. Why do I say that heavy rain is severe? Because here in Gaza hundreds of homes have tin roofs that leak with the first rain. Families have no means of heating their houses. Electricity is a big issue and we have regular cuts, gas and diesel are very expensive and not regularly available. Many families resort to building small fires for warmth but we don’t even have logs.

We live under an occupation that controls the movement of goods into and out of Gaza. This winter storm exposed the depth of dire situation in Gaza.

The bright side of life is that with your solidarity and support, MECA partners and volunteers are responding everywhere in the Gaza Strip to people’s cries for help. Just before the storm, we managed to finish distributing winter clothes, new shoes, and thick blankets for almost 1500 children and plastic sheets to cover the roofs of dozens of homes.

Right now, there are 150 homes in Gaza that need emergency aid. From Beit Hanoun in the north to Mughraqa in the south, there are families whose homes are leaky and cold. MECA and our partners will cover the leaky roofs and windows of these homes with plastic sheets and provide warm blankets to keep the families warm inside. MECA team has already started responding to this crises before the next rain comes.

Please donate now to help us provide emergency aid to these 150 families.

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Last night while it was pouring heavily and it was so cold, I felt proud of MECA. I know the burden is heavy but we always light candles instead of cursing the darkness.

Thanks for your support and thanks especially for our partner organizations and volunteers – young people who showed courage and readiness to help their communities during the storm.

MonaFrom Gaza, with love,
Dr. Mona El-Farra
Gaza Projects Director