Dalia by the Gaza sea

Dalia is a second year art student at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. Her father died four years ago and it hit Dalia very hard. In many ways, she and her family are still grieving. He was the sole breadwinner, so their economic situation has become much worse.




Woman's portrait in pencil by Dalia

One of Dalia’s pencil sketches

“I have felt so sad losing my father and my life became more difficult. I didn’t expect to be able to complete my university degree. Studying at the university has made me strong and independent and it has helped me to overcome extreme sadness, so I am grateful for the MECA scholarship. My mother has always given me a lot of encouragement. She says education is the best thing. I love art – ceramics, painting and drawing on glass. My dream is to open a big gallery of my work to show the whole world that we appreciate life, beauty and peace.”