Panelists Kristian Davis Bailey, Nick Estes, and Lara Kiswani speak at May 8 event organized by MECA

What an honor to get to hear powerful front-line activists Nick Estes, Lara Kiswani and Kristian Davis Bailey speak at our May 8 event, “Commemorating the Nakba: Movement-Building for Collective Liberation — Indigenous, Palestinian & Black Liberation.”

Nick is co-founder of The Red Nation, a leader of the Standing Rock organizing, and author of the just-published book “Our History is the Future“; he’s also assistant professor of American studies at the University of New Mexico. Lara directs the bay-area-based Arab Resource & Organizing Center; and Kristian cofounded Black for Palestine and currently is on staff at Palestine Legal.

After they each spoke eloquently about the Nakba as related to the work they each are doing, they interviewed each other, and then took questions from the audience. MECA Director Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch MC’d and spoke as well. It was a thoroughly engaging evening and compelling illustration of intersectional strategizing.

For anyone who didn’t attend or who wants to listen to this conversation again, use this link to hear Nick’s recording of the event