In October, MECA supporter Judy Norman, philosophy professor at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, Jewish Voice for Peace-San Antonio, and other members of the university and community organized “A Night of Hope: 5th Annual Fundraiser for the Children of Gaza,” to raise funds for MECA.

Performance poet and activist Remi Kanazi was a big hit at the event. Trinity student Claire Nakayama said, “The energy in the room went up, people were snapping, all the points he was making were really true and were things that no one ever has the guts to say.”

Judith said the organizers had two purposes: “One is to provide material and humanitarian aid for people in Gaza. We also want to raise awareness about the situation in Gaza. It is a situation that the U.S. has had an enormous hand in engineering and permitting to go forward.”

The event raised $5,800!

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