Take Action! Save 2 Palestinian Schools from Demolition

Email Congress NOW

Two Palestinian schools are targeted for demolition and Congress can save these schools— now is the time to take action. Rebuilding Alliance has created a quick and easy template to help you Email Congress Now!

Next call Congress. Ask your Senators and Representative to call the Israeli Embassy and the US State Department to prevent both demolitions. Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senators and Representative. Below is sample script from Rebuilding Alliance to help.

Why now? Israeli settlers are openly using Facebook to push the Army to bulldoze the schools. To placate them, the Israeli Army uses a cynical demolition calculus: they bulldoze when few are watching. Last time, they demolished when Congress was home for Thanksgiving, and before that, 70 Palestinian family members (mostly children) were made homeless on election day in the US.

Please join MECA in standing up for Palestinian children’s right to education and take action today!

Please ask your Senator’s and Rep’s senior staff to make two calls to stop the demolition of Al Maleh School and to stop the demolition of Umm Qusah School. Because you are their constituent, they are likely to take your call or call you back — also, Rebuilding Alliance will follow up to schedule a briefing with their office and send you an invitation to attend.

Offices are checking voicemail, so even if you can’t reach someone please leave a message. Here’s what to say:

  • Hello my name is ______ and I am a constituent who lives in ____________. May I please speak with your foreign policy staffer? Please call me back. My phone number is ______________.
  • As your constituent, I am asking for immediate intervention for ‘an urgent issue with a Federal agency’.
    I sent an email today to stop the demolition of two Palestinian schools. Please make two phone calls on my behalf to the Israeli Embassy and the US State Department to stop the impending demolition of the al-Maleh school in the northern part of the West Bank and Umm Qusah School in the south.
  • The Israeli Army military orders for demolition of each school, giving only 96-hours to appeal. For Al Maleh, all three appeals were denied and for Umm Qusah school, they’ve yet to reply. Each school serves 50 children. The school were built through European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid. I need your help to make sure the schools remains standing by asking the State Department and Israeli Embassy to ask Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz to stop these demolitions.
  • Say a line or two about why this issue matters to you, then ask: Will you make these calls for me? Please confirm once you’ve spoken with your boss and call me back.