Nowadays, nightfall has become the most dreaded thing for everyone in Gaza. Each night lasts so long.

In Gaza, we have experienced many harsh attacks by the Israeli occupation. Every time, we say this is the most difficult time. But we could never imagine it to be as terrible as it is right now.

I became very afraid of the sound of the airstrikes. They are really loud and terrifying, especially at night.
Every night my family gathers in the middle of the house in one room. We get dressed and carry our IDs so we are ready to flee together or if anything bad happens to us, we will be recognized. While we wait to know what is our fate, each of us hides his fear behind small screens. It has become a ritual.

Friends write on social media that they are afraid and after a few hours I hear the news of their martyrdom. Communication with the world is cut off. Only the scary voices and the sounds of Israeli attacks remain.

We don’t know what the end will be and we don’t know if we will be alive to watch the sun rise again in the morning after this long night!!

My name is Ghada and I am 29 years old. I am an engineer working in MECA. I have many dreams and ambitions and I love life and I love my country. But I’m now afraid of nightfall.