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Games are a key element of MECA’s “Play & Heal” psychosocial support project for children in Gaza who have been traumatized by multiple Israeli military assaults. CREDIT: Never Stop Dreaming,
Ninth grade girls working with MECA’s partner Dalia Association, initiated a physical fitness program in their school called “Dance for Life.” CREDIT: Dalia Association
Students at the Beach Elementary Boys School in Gaza celebrate their new water purification unit with MECA Gaza staff
Fourteen-year-old Shafaq is one of thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon who can’t attend school there. She is taking literacy, math, computer, and arts classes at MECA partner Al-Jalil Center.
Young dancers from MECA partner Shoruq Organization perform an original debka show about Palestinian refugees to a packed audience in Oakland. Credit: Brooke Anderson
People in Gaza get only a few hours per day of electrical power. Local engineers developed and installed rechargeable "Gaza Lights" systems that generate electricity for approximately 12 hours and include three lights and a mobile phone charger.
Musab graduates from Palestine Ahliya College near Bethlehem with a degree in accounting after receiving a Mary Bisharat Memorial Scholarship.

“When I saw the happiness and excitement of children, I realized that this project, which took a lot of our energy, focus, time and ideas, was worth it.” MECA Gaza Projects Assistant Wafaa El-Derawi, about the new park and playground built in Beit Lahia, Gaza with support from MECA

Translation: “Steadfast in Al Zarnuq: The village has seen several home demolitions” MECA supported a campaign for the rights of Bedouin Palestinians in southern Israel who are being pushed out of their homes in the unrecognized village of Al Zarnuq. Credit: 7amleh – Arab Center for Social Media Advancement

Actor and MECA supporter Danny Glover with photographer Rana Rezapour at a benefit photo exhibit Rana organized to raise funds for MECA’s educational projects for refugees from Syria. CREDIT: Kia Alavi