I’m writing to you from my apartment in Gaza City, where I am under lockdown orders along with the other two million other people in this small place. Although I’m alone I can feel the panic and desperation among the people.

We try to sleep with the sounds of Israeli drones, helicopters, and bombs.

We wake up to the news that the coronavirus is spreading to more people and communities.

The pandemic has reached Gaza and now we are living in a siege, inside a siege, inside a siege.

Your contribution can help counteract the cruel Israeli siege and help people survive this terrifying moment when coronavirus is spreading in Gaza.
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We get only four hours of electricity a day. Israel cut back even more on the amount of fuel allowed in and our only power plant has shut down.

Gaza’s hospitals are understaffed, medications stocks are at around 50%, and medical equipment is at 30%. Nearly all of the COVID-19 tests in Gaza have been used for people entering from outside or healthcare workers. There are only 86 ventilators for two million people.

Since March, many of you were very generous as Gaza faced threat of widespread infection and the reality of deeper impoverishment. With your help, MECA provided health care workers with protective gear, and thousands of families with food, hygiene and housecleaning supplies, prevention information, and a mobile health team so people with chronic illnesses don’t have to leave their homes.

For a while, it looked like Gaza would be spared because of our extreme isolation from the rest of the world. Now, the needs of the people, especially the children are urgent and I’m asking for your support once again.

In Gaza, we always look to the future. Sometimes we wonder if we will even have a future. I know that the people in Gaza have the determination, the skills, the social solidarity to manage this pandemic. It’s the Israeli occupation and siege that makes it impossible by depriving us of the resources we need.

With your help again now, MECA will reach out to large families trying to stay safe in small homes… to parents who can’t work because of the lockdown… and thousands of others who need masks, soap, food, and more.

MonaFrom Gaza with love,
Dr. Mona El-Farra
MECA Gaza Director

P.S. If you gave to Gaza earlier in the epidemic, I am so grateful, And I know you also may have given more recently for the emergency in Lebanon. But I have to ask you to give again now that the people of Gaza have reached the moment we most feared. Many, many thanks.