Asma’ with her fellow medical students

Every time I receive a letter from you, I go running to my mother to share with her the news of getting the scholarship! You have no idea how much of a relief it is. I know I already said thank you a million times, but truly, thank you.”
—Asma’, Medical Student at Al-Quds University, 20 years old

Asma’ has experienced some serious difficulties in her young life, which apparently, has given her a passion for caring for others, in her own family and in the larger community. Asma’s father was killed by Israeli forces when she was only two years old. Her brother was paralyzed in a car accident and can no longer help the family. In addition to her many family responsibilities, Asma’ works with an organization for the blind, acquiring books in braille, reading aloud to blind people, and recording audio books. Asma’ maintains a demanding course load and has been able to sustain high academic performance. She has not selected her specialization yet but is leaning towards becoming an obstetrician-gynecologist.

MECA Palestine Projects & Social Media Coordinator has spent a lot of time on the phone with Asma’ and shared these thoughts, “As a Palestinian, I always worry that living under such harsh military occupation and hard conditions, we might lose some kindness from our hearts. But our students, each year, re-confirm to me that good hearts will never fail to find kindness and spread it. Asma’ is a clear example of that.”