Knesset member Oren Hazan takes a selfie with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a Knesset session that passed the ‘nation-state’ bill in Jerusalem on July 19 [AP Photo/Olivier Fitoussi]

When Zionist immigrants came from Europe to Palestine they didn’t come to live with Palestinians. They came to replace the native Palestinian people with a Jewish majority. Ever since, Zionists and the state of Israel have been working to increase the Jewish majority and decrease the population of Christians and Muslims. For more than seventy years, they have been trying to make Palestine exclusively Jewish through ethnic cleansing, discriminatory laws, Jewish immigration, land theft, and many forms of violence–all the time claiming to be a democracy with equal rights for all its citizens. Now, as Haider Eid makes clear in this article, that is one Zionist myth that the Zionists themselves have just destroyed. Eid writes: “With the new “nation-state law”, Palestinians in Israel are now considered “native aliens” or foreigners in their own homeland, because Israel is defined by its law as ‘the historical homeland of the Jewish people’ i.e. not the state of all of its citizens. This is the direct result of Zionism and its ideology of racism.”

We share this important analysis with you because we at MECA believe that the lives and future of Palestinian children will never be secure while Israeli apartheid continues and the basic rights of Palestinians are denied. We believe that the children’s future depends on fulfilling the three main demands of the BDS movement: Equal rights for Palestinians within Israel; the end of the occupation of Arab land; and the refugees right to return to their land and their homes. This new Israeli law makes clear that Israel, which calls itself “the only democracy in the Middle East,” doesn’t care about the most fundamental principles of democracy.

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