Girls in Jabalia Refugee Camp learning to ride bikes as part of a MECA-funded sports project

We are three women working for MECA in Gaza, but we are just a part of the MECA team. We have many volunteers, some delivering aid, others developing solutions like the “Gaza Lights” systems to deal with the severe electricity crisis. And MECA partners, the grassroots organizations throughout the Gaza Strip that carry out important projects for children.

And although there is a lot of physical distance between us, you are a big part of MECA’s Gaza team.
When we visit MECA projects all over Gaza, we see both sides of life here. We see the poverty, isolation and threats that families and children are living with every day. We also see how people continue to come together to support each other despite the hard situation.

It gives us hope every day to know that you, as a MECA supporter, stand with us in Gaza and make our work possible.

That’s why we are counting on you once again to make a special year-end contribution to help the families and children of Gaza.

Your gift today will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 by two generous MECA donors


All of us in Gaza—staff, volunteers and partners know that you are with us when we are installing water units in schools… when we are delivering food parcels and rechargeable electrical systems to the families most in need… and when traumatized children get psychological help.

You share our pride when MECA scholarship students graduate, and our excitement when young girls learn to ride a bike or when a village gets a new playground.

We live every day with the reality and the fear of violence from the Israeli occupation. The ten-year siege led by Israel has deprived us of basic necessities and separates us from the rest of the world.

When we hear drones overhead, tanks at the border, and learn that demonstrators have been killed at protests, we remember the seven weeks we endured in 2014 when bombs fell on our homes, our schools, and our hospitals.

For our children, the fear and trauma has never left. That’s why your financial contribution is still so critical.

In solidarity,







Amal Abu Moaliqe, Maia Project Coordinator
Wafaa El-Derawi, Gaza Projects Assistant
Dr. Mona El-Farra, Gaza Projects Director

P.S. It’s cold and rainy in Gaza this week and many families are still living in trailers or damaged homes. Your gift now will help provide warm children’s clothes and weather protection for houses. Thank you.