Dr. Mona with a group of cyclists in Rafah, Gaza

Dr. Mona El-Farra with a group of cyclists for the Big Ride in Rafah, Gaza

Here in Gaza, we organized our Big Ride rallies for peace and justice in Palestine and the whole world.
These cycling rallies were organized parallel with The Big Ride for Palestine in the UK and Australia.

Kicking off the Big Ride in Nuseirat Refugee Camp, Gaza

On Friday, August 4, we hit the road at 8 am to go to Afaq Jadeeda Associaiton, our partner in Nuseirat Refugee Camp. We were received by hundreds of children – boys and girls – on their bikes waiting to start. The children were so excited and happy. I gave a short explanatory talk about the Big Ride and MECA and our belief in solidarity not charity. We spent one hour of sharing in the feelings of excitement and joy with the children.

Then we continued our journey south to Rafah. We were received by even larger crowd of kids, women, and men from the Rafah Refugee Camp. It was nice to see the smiling and excited faces of kids. And beautiful to see girls and boys as well as men and women participating. I gave another short talk and conveyed a solidarity message from the Big Ride in the UK:
You are not alone and will never be forgotten. We will continue campaigning for Palestinian people’s rights until justice prevail.

Debka (Palestinian folkloric dance) was also part of the event in Rafah. A group of lovely girls performed. We were all happy and had a good and productive day campaigning for Palestinian rights and peace and justice for all.

In the end I could not help also feeling sadness to notice that the bikes were in bad shape and many more children could not participate as they have no bikes.

Child holding a sign that says "Big Ride for Palestine Children of Gaza Love You"

I promise you my friends that we in MECA will continue working for children and do our share as humans to create another world where all of us enjoy prosperity and justice regardless of race, faith, color, etc.

Thanks to Big Ride UK and Australia!

And big thank you to the partner organisations in Gaza, Afaq  Jadeeda Association and Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, and to Wafaa, Safa, Ehab, Ahmad, Suhail and Amal and all MECA volunteers that made this lively activity possible.

From Gaza with love,

Dr. Mona El-Farra