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Feb 08, 2022
2019 Teach Palestine delegation in Palestine with youth and staff at Madaa Creative Center in Silwan, East Jerusalem. (Alvin Rosales) “As much as I tried to assimilate at my high...
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Palestinians Fight For Their Village: Virtual Brunch in Solidarity with Silwan

Dec 05, 2021
Last summer, Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists worldwide rose up to defend Silwan and other villages in East Jerusalem from Israeli bulldozers. Silwan is out of the headlines, but the battle...

VIDEO: “Determined to Stay: Palestinian Youth Fight for Their Village” Virtual Book Launch!

Jun 28, 2021
? Silwan is a Palestinian village just outside the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. "Determined to Stay" is the moving story of its people in the face of occupation....
Stories of Our Work