• Projects for Children

PaliRoots Meal Program: Providing Nutritious Meals for Children in Gaza

May 18, 2021
With the population of Gaza reaching close to 2 million and over 50% under the age of 18, it is our duty to help ease the living situation due to...
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Psychological Support for Children with Chronic Diseases

Dec 12, 2018
Daily life in Gaza is hard for any child and most have some kind of emotional distress. For Children with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, kidney and respiratory disorders...
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Cycling and Sports for Girls in Gaza

Aug 14, 2018
Since a very young age, 6 or so, I had a deep passion of riding a bike but I never knew how to. The first time I rode the bike...
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Healthy Food for Schoolchildren

Oct 11, 2017
Palestinian children need strong bodies because we are first and foremost living under occupation. When the occupation is combined with poverty, this is an impossible situation for the children. —Um...
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Girls’ Basketball for Refugees

Sep 12, 2017
Palestinian and Syrian refugees living in and around Baalbeck Refugee Camp in Lebanon have a new basketball team for girls ages nine to fourteen. After they learn the game, they’ll...
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Education for Syrian Refugees

Jul 27, 2017
I used to have a peaceful life and live in my amazing home in Deraa [Syria]. I enjoyed the nature around my house and the food coming from the land....
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Support Team for Children who’ve been Arrested

Jul 27, 2017
“Imagine a 5, 6, 7-year-old child being arrested. The impact of the child—even if he is eighteen—is very big. The child, his mother, his father, his sisters and brothers, even...
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New Books, New Readers

Jun 12, 2017
I did not imagine that reading stories aloud is something very important for me and my kids, from this moment I will devote time every day to read to my...
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Music Comes to Gaza Schools

Feb 10, 2017
“We sing and love life despite the Israeli oppression!” MECA is supporting a music program in Gaza schools for 100 children from refugee camps. At the end of the year,...
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“Let the Children Play & Heal” in Gaza

Dec 27, 2016
We are dealing with children who lost their homes or relatives. It’s still very hard. They isolate themselves. Some are very angry and some can’t focus. Others have night terrors...
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