Before any cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Gaza, MECA reached out to our community partners to figure out how we can help prepare the clinics and hospitals in Gaza who face chronic shortages of medicine and medical supplies due to the Israeli siege.

MECA provided funds for the Union of Health Work Committees, the third largest health care provider in Gaza, to purchase N95 masks and other personal protective equipment for their staff along with antiseptic solution and other basic cleaning supplies.

Meanwhile, we are working on bringing large shipment of medicine into Gaza from Egypt.

Gaza Background

Two million Palestinians have been living in Gaza under a draconian siege for 13 years. The siege and successive Israeli military attacks have destroyed the Gaza economy and much of its infrastructure, including hospitals and farm lands, further limiting access to food and basic health services. Now with the threat of the coronavirus, MECA is working with our partners to provide medicine, medical supplies, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies to families, and many other needs.