Aseela produces a top-quality soap from naturally-grown Palestinian olive oil, using the traditional methods. The collective has grown since its start in 2004 to include 20 women. Aseela works under the principles of fair trade. MECA supports Aseela through purchasing their olive oil soaps each year and also provided a grant to help Aseela with running costs when it moved to its new location in central Bethlehem.

Olive Oil Soap

For over four millennia, life in Palestine has been blessed with natural harvests from the Eastern Mediterranean soil. The abundant use of olive oil, flowers, spices and herbs in food, body-care and medicine has been an integral part of the Palestinian cultural tradition that continues to thrive today. Aseela's olive-oil skincare products are organic and entirely handmade, and encompass the collective Palestinian experience in its look, feel, and functions.

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Location: Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

Bethlehem is a Palestinian city, located in the West Bank in Palestine, about 10 km to the south of Jerusalem, with a population of approximately 30,000 inhabitants. Renowned throughout the world for its religious and historical significance, Bethlehem today is under Israeli military occupation. Its people are increasingly isolated, suffering land confiscation, obstruction of their economy, and a diminished future. There are 3 refugee camps in the Bethlehem district and Aseela Women's Cooperative includes women from each camp.