Jabalia, oh Jabalia…

The horrendous Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp are beyond comprehension. A large neighborhood destroyed in seconds.

I have a long history and strong connection to the people in this camp. My friends, former coworkers, patients, people I have known for decades through my work at Al-Awda hospital are living in this camp. The children who grew up coming to the library I founded in the camp and are now young men and women with their own families. Beautiful people who are not my relatives, but they are my real family. Third and fourth generation refugees living in one of the most crowded places on earth.

After the massacre, I could not reach any of them.

Right now I am in Cairo buying food, medicine, and more. I’m also buying toys for children who have lost so, so much. Please make a donation to MECA now so we can buy more supplies to deliver to children and families in Gaza as soon as we can.

Donate for Emergency Aid for Gaza

I have always been there in Gaza during Israeli attacks. Now I am in Cairo and it is so difficult and distressing to hear more terrible news each day, news of my loved ones killed by this criminal occupation.

I am so sad. But it is not only sadness that I feel, it is also rage.

I am enraged at Israel’s constant, ruthless bombardment, killing thousands of people from newborn babies to grandfathers. What is happening now in Gaza is genocide. Those who are not killed by Israeli bombs are dying slowly from the lack of medicine, food, water etc.

I mourn more of my beloveds, both family and friends, every day and I ask myself who is next. One of my dear friends was killed in Jabalia. We were friends since we worked together during the first intifada in 1987.

Please take a moment to hear about family members we lost a few weeks ago in this short video from my brother. This our story and it is the tragedy of every family in Gaza.

Usually, I sign my letters “From Gaza with Love” but today I’m writing from Cairo with Rage. Still, I feel love for everyone in Palestine – and people like you around the world who giving your support and solidarity.

In solidarity,

Dr. Mona El-Farra
MECA Director of Gaza Projects