How to host a house party or fundraising event

MECA will provide materials—including donation envelopes and online donation pages—for your event or house party. We have short videos about our projects, and a 30th Anniversary overview video. We may be able to provide a speaker, especially in the Bay Area. MECA staff is also available to work with you on everything from what food to serve to how to ask for donations.

For several years, a group in Corvallis Oregon have held an annual Palestinian Culture Night in their community with traditional music, food, and crafts. The event has grown over the years and they now raise between $3000 and $10,000.

Set fundraising goal: This is a big year for MECA and we’re asking everyone who does an event to think big and set a goal of a least $1,000.

Who to invite: In a word, everyone. Friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, Facebook friends and friends of friends. One rule of thumb Is that one out of five people will actually be able to attend, so you’ll need to invite five times as many people as you want. However, with the right follow-up, many people will give money even if they don’t attend.

The invitation: Your printed, email or Facebook invitation should tell people that it’s an opportunity to learn more about Palestinian children and refugees from Syria and to support MECA’s work. Include what kind of refreshments you’ll serve. and, of course, time, place, date, and how to RSVP. Be prepared to send one or two email or phone reminders.

Asking for money: The most effective way to get the most and the biggest donations is to make a big donation yourself. Think about the most you could give and then think about all the reasons MECA’s work is important to you. Then tell people what you plan to give. Then ask/challenge everyone there to match your donation or make a donation that is a stretch for them.

After the event: Send the funds you raised to MECA. Send thank-you notes to all your guests and tell them how much you raised. Send notes or emails to people who weren’t able to attend with a little recap of the event and a link to the donation page.

Contact if you’re ready to start planning an event for MECA’s 30th anniversary today!