gaza_email.jpgIf you have a lot of money and you are living in anywhere in this world except Gaza Strip, what would you do?!

Let me try to guess. Would you go on a trip around the world? Would you buy the newest car? Would you build a wonderful house? Or marrying your true love? Would you support hungry people around the world? And wear expensive, fashionable clothes? Would you study in the best university in the world? And buy the latest technological devices? Will you be achieving all your dreams ?

As a young Palestinian woman in Gaza, I don’t need all this money. It’s not because I don’t want to be rich but because a lot of money means nothing if you are living in the Gaza Strip!

Because if I can build a wonderful house, I can’t make it safe because the Israeli bombs can destroy it in one second. And I will die there in my house.

If I buy the best mobile in the world or a new laptop or any electrical devices, I still can’t use them because of the electricity crisis.

If I buy the best car available in Gaza markets, I still can’t drive more than 30 minutes before I reach a  checkpoint, the sea, or a militarized border wall.

If I want to travel the world, I can’t go because the only two crossings for people to leave Gaza are closed most of the time or require special permits that are almost impossible for someone younger than 60 years old to get. I have to wait 34 years to try to get Israeli permission to pass through the one of the crossings, if I’m lucky.

If I want to study in the best university in the world, I can’t because of the closed crossings!

If I want to wear the most fashionable clothes, I wouldn’t be able to because most fashion designs are not compatible with the culture here.

If I donate for the hungry people in the world including in Palestine, maybe I’ll give them food but I can’t save their dignity.

If I want to marry and have a family, I can’t because I can’t provide safety or opportunities for myself so how can I take care of my children?

Finally, please don’t ask a young person in Gaza about their dreams because this question is like a punch in the face without any reason.

Good night from Gaza where our nightmares are better than our lives.