Dear friends,

A mother in Gaza says her nine-year-old son was ashamed in front of the other students of his torn, old bag that belonged to his older brother.

Another little boy comes home from the morning shift, empties his backpack so his sister can use it in the afternoon. The children’s parents can’t afford another backpack.


“I never expected that I would have my new bag and tools like my friends. This is what I was hoping for.”
–eight-year-old girl

Your gift now can make a huge difference in the lives of schoolchildren in Gaza and elsewhere.




School backpacks may seem like a small thing but I want you to know how much they mean to children in Gaza. The bags themselves are a source of pride.  The books and school supplies inside provide joy and the tools they need to learn under occupation and apartheid.

What’s more the backpacks are made at a factory in Gaza, providing income for the workers to support their families.

Your special contribution now, as children in Palestine start school will provide backpacks to children in Gaza. This year, MECA’s backpack distribution will include Jordan Valley and Masafer Yatta in the occupied West Bank, where schools have been demolished and many children have long and dangerous walks to school.

In addition to backpacks, your back-to-school donation will provide counseling and tutoring, access to three public libraries, and new classrooms in large, protected ancient caves.

Please join me and the remarkable teachers, social workers, librarians, and coaches who are giving the next generation of Palestinians the strength and knowledge to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their country.


From Gaza with Love,

Dr. Mona El-Farra
MECA Director of Gaza Projects


P.S. One teacher in a school for refugees in Gaza said this about the school backpacks, “the smiles this project drew on the faces of the students have given hope in our hearts to continue the educational process again.” Please make the most generous  back-to-school donation you can afford now.  Thank you