10 Best Photos of 2019

Gaza Kindergarten Nutrition Project: Fresh, healthy meals for children and income for local women.
Girls’ Sports Project: Exercise, fun, leadership skills, and health education for girls in Gaza.
Good food is a form of resistance: Um Hasan, an organic farmer, activist, and founder of a project to provide healthy food for children, is an example of the remarkable Palestinian women who lead many of the projects MECA supports.
The Maia Project: A new water purification unit for the children of Indira Gandhi Kindergarten in Gaza.
Summer camps: Kids get much-needed relief from the summer heat and life under Israeli Occupation.
Support for Women and Girls: A new soccer/football team participates in a “Open Day” for the community in Gaza.
Medical Aid: Medicine and medical supplies were distributed to hospitals, pharmacies and community clinics in Gaza.
Make a special, year-end contribution to MECA to help protect the health, lives, and rights of children in the Middle East!
Winter Relief in Lebanon: Refugee children from Syria in their new, warm coats for the cold, wet weather.
Annual Bazaar & ShopPalestine.org: MECA buys and sells Palestinian crafts and goods to support the talented craftspeople in Palestine, help them generate income, and protect their way of life.
Art and Music: Music and art classes are a great outlet for children who have been traumatized by war and military occupation.