MECA Videos

25th Anniversary Video

Hear about over 25 years of resistance and humanitarian work of the Middle East Children's Alliance. A video by S. Smith Patrick. 

20 Years Of MECA

Short documentary about the Middle East Children's Alliance ( marking their 20th anniversary. The documentary features Founder and Director Barbara Lubin, Board member Osha Neumann, Co-founder of Ibdaa Cultural Center Ziad Abbas, as well as other MECA board members, staff, beneficiaries.

Gaza Children Bear Scars of War, November 3rd, 2010

Children who witnessed war on Gaza continue to suffer psychological damage.  The Middle East Children's Alliance supports "Let Them Play and Heal," a program in Gaza that's helping tens of thousands of children cope with trauma and grief through art, music, dance and drama activities; making referrals to therapists; distributing pamphlets about coping with the psychological impact of war; and training for mothers to help their extended families.

Israel's war on Gaza almost two years ago killed at least 1,400 Palestinians - including more than 300 children according to human rights groups.

Many of the children who witnessed the violence now suffer ongoing psychological damage.

Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba reports on how residents are trying to restore some normality to the children of Gaza.