Customized Delegations to Palestine

A Guided Tour with MECA! The Middle East Children's Alliance invites your group of activists, educators, and organizers—or any other kind of group or organization—to arrange a customized delegation to Palestine, including the West Bank and inside Israel.

MECA has been leading educational trips to Palestine for 23 years. On a MECA delegation you will be taken on a geographic, political, historical and cultural tour of Palestine/Israel by a MECA staff member and a Palestinian guide. We will travel by van to witness the impact of the Israeli occupation and visit organizations working for justice and equality. You will learn about refugees, land confiscation, political prisoners, women’s initiatives, mental and physical health issues, civil rights in Israel, and the lives of children. 

Trips may include:

  • The destroyed village of Lifta with Yacoub Odeh, who was born and raised in the village until his family was forced out in 1948 when the State of Israel was established.
  • Israeli refuseniks who conscientiously object to serving in the military and other Jewish Israeli activists who oppose the policies of their government and the inequality in their society. 
  • A visit to Hebron with Hisham Shirabati, whose family has lived in the city for generations, to witness the impact of the Israeli settlers and army presence inside the city and the settlement itself. Visitors may also stop by the Ibrahimi Mosque, a holy Muslim site.
  • A Bedouin village inside Israel and a meeting with activists who are fighting forced removal from their lands, and other injustices in Israel’s “unrecognized villages” with the Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages in the Negev.
  • The Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign on a tour of rural areas affected by the Wall to learn about its impact on the land, the economy, and the social fabric of the communities.
  • A guided tour of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, looking at settlement expansion, home demolitions, and the effects of the Wall, as well as community responses to these attacks. Update this re: settlers, demolitions, removal of residents.
  • Video conference with university students in Gaza to learn more about their lives under siege and their hopes for the future.
  • Panel and discussion with Palestinian organizers on the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

What We Offer: 

MECA Staff Will:

  • Meet with your group to learn more about your interests and prepare a customized itinerary
  • Arrange all the logistics for travel, accommodation, and guides in Palestine
  • Provide fundraising templates and resources to help your group raise the funds for the delegation expenses
  • Accompany your group throughout the trip

Your Group/Organization Would:

  • Recruit a minimum of 10 participants
  • Raise funds for the delegation costs

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