Three things refugees from Syria need right now

As the news from Syria gets worse and worse, you can make a real difference in the lives of children and families who fled to Lebanon with their lives, leaving everything behind.

With your help again now, MECA and our partners on the ground will provide three things refugees from Syria need most.

Winter Relief
It gets very cold in Lebanon with icy wind and rain, and sometimes snow. You can imagine, how unbearable this is for refugees living in tents and flimsy shelters—especially infants and small children.

With your help again now, MECA’s partners will distribute heating fuel, blankets, kids’ jackets and rain boots. 

Just 4 days left! Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar through December 31st!

$25 => $50   $100 => $200   $250 => $500 


Maisa was 11 when she came to Lebanon three years ago with seven family members after their home in Syria was bombed. She says, "No one from my family can go to school. It is very expensive and some of us are not allowed because we don't have documents.”

With your continued support, Maisa and dozens of other children go to a special school for refugees at a local community center.  She told me on the phone “I learn math, English, reading and writing and how to use the computer. It is the only place for me to learn something."

Medical Aid
Clinics in and around Lebanon’s refugee camps are desperate for basic supplies and medicine to meet the needs of new refugees from Syria and Palestinian refugees who have lived there for decades. Right now, we are gathering vital requests from the clinics. Your year-end gift now will help MECA send a large shipment of medical aid in 2017.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, MECA has been sending aid and supporting projects in Lebanon since 1989. We expanded our work there significantly four years ago, when thousands of refugees crossed the Syrian border to escape the war.

As most of the world turns its back on refugees, I hope you’ll stand with them again now  by making the most generous year-end contribution you can.


Shukran (Thank you),

Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
Middle East Children's Alliance