Last Chance to Double Your Gift for the children of Palestine!

Dear Friend,

Besan was ten years old when Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip for seven long weeks in the summer of 2014.

Week after week, as bombs fell all around her, Besan crouched in a corner, clinging to her mother during the attacks.

Two years later she is still clinging to her mother.

There are hundreds of thousands of children in Gaza like Besan who are still feeling the psychological pain of the assault that left more than 500 children dead. 

Thanks to your support of MECA, the psychologist in our “Play & Heal” program was able to reach Besan and provide the help she needed.

I’m asking you now to make a special Year-End contribution to MECA for thousands of Palestinian children and refugees from Syria who are growing up under the most difficult circumstances.

When Besan first came to the “Play & Heal” center, she screamed when she heard loud noises and refused to play with other children. The psychologist worked with Besan and her family at home for two months. Now, Besan is in a theater group at “Play & Heal.” She has friends and is doing much better at school.

Palestinian families and refugees from Syria count on the friendship and generosity of people like you who make such a significant difference in the lives of children  like Besan—and thousands of others.

Your year-end gift to MECA will be matched dollar-for-dollar
until midnight tomorrow,December 31st by generous MECA donors. 


Your year-end gift to MECA will be matched dollar-for-dollar until midnight tomorrowDecember 31st by generous MECA donors.

That means your donation will go twice as far to provide children with: medicine, clean water, winter clothes, counseling, legal help, education, playgrounds, art, music, dance, and sports -- that every child needs and deserves.

With all best wishes for the New Year,

Barbara Lubin
Executive Director