Help Palestinian children who've been arrested -- double your gift!

Hundreds of vulnerable children in East Jerusalem and other areas of Palestine face daily harassment, arrest and abuse.  Please make a year-end gift to make a difference -- your gift with be DOUBLED dollar for dollar.

Dear Friend,

Fourteen-year-old Malek* was walking to the neighborhood grocery store with his brother when Israeli police arrested him, took him to an interrogation center where he was threatened, screamed at, and beaten.

Malek lives in the Silwan area of East Jerusalem, where more than 500 children—some as young as eight or nine—were arrested last year. Many are taken from their beds in the middle of the night, handcuffed, blindfolded and completely alone.

Hundreds of children in Silwan and throughout Palestine need our help, and you can make a real difference with a year-end gift to MECA. This year, we have a dollar-for dollar match up to $35,000 from generous supporters, through December 31.

I have met so many Palestinian children who’ve been arrested.

The older boys often pretend to be fine. Sometimes, they are ashamed of what happened to them, especially if they were stripped, sexually abused, or forbidden to use the bathroom. It’s not hard to see that every single child or teenager who is been taken by Israeli authorities is traumatized by the experience.

Your year-end gift of any size will be DOUBLED dollar for dollar

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MECA’s long-time partner the Madaa Creative Center created a team for children who’ve been arrested, their families, and the larger community. The team includes a lawyer, a psychologist, an Activities Coordinator, as well as a researcher and videographer to document the arrests for evidence and advocacy efforts.

Malek, like most boys in Silwan, was falsely charged with “throwing stones.”  Eventually, the video evidence and the lawyer’s hard work were able to get all charges dropped. The psychologist worked with Malek and his family to make sure he returned to school and to help them cope with their fear and channel their anger.

Your contribution today will help other children like Malek, and children throughout Palestine who are suffering every day from the violence of Israeli occupation.  Please send the most generous contribution you can, and your gift will be matched!


Barbara Lubin
Co-founder and Executive Director



P.S. For Palestinian children, families and communities the trauma of arrest and detention is compounded by the feeling that the world is mostly silent. That people in other countries don’t know or care about their lives. Your support will show them they are not forgotten.

* not his real name