Knitting Project for Syrian Refugees

Feb 20, 2018
“I'm proud of my work with Al-Jalil Center and this humanitarian project that will help refugees during winter. Also, I can depend on myself and support my mother and sister.”...
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Rawa: Creative Palestinian Communities Fund

Dec 18, 2017
MECA proudly acts as the fiscal sponsor for Rawa: Creative Palestinian Communities Fund, a radically inclusive and open fund that values and mobilizes Palestinian creativity. Rawa is a funding and...
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Teach Palestine Project

Nov 21, 2017
For the past 20 years, teachers have asked MECA to come visit their classes to talk about Palestine and the Middle East, and for curricular materials and resources. In response,...
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Gaza Lights: Electrical Power for People Under Siege

Oct 19, 2017
"Many mothers told us the same story. Their children are so scared of the dark they won’t even get up at night to use the bathroom. One mother brings home...
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Healthy Food for Schoolchildren

Oct 11, 2017
Palestinian children need strong bodies because we are first and foremost living under occupation. When the occupation is combined with poverty, this is an impossible situation for the children. —Um...
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Maia Project: Bringing Clean Water to the Children of Palestine

Aug 18, 2017
Impact The Water Crisis in Palestine There is a growing water crisis in Palestine. In Gaza, 95% of water is unfit for human consumption. Numerous military attacks on the Gaza...
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Aug 16, 2017
“You can find all the kids at the playground in the afternoons.” —A mother in one of the villages with a new playground MECA has built playgrounds in major Palestinian...
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University Scholarships

Aug 10, 2017
Impact One Student at a Time Each year, MECA provides more than 100 university scholarships at Palestinian universities in the West Bank and Gaza to enable dedicated students to obtain...
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Sulafa Embroidery Center

Aug 07, 2017
Embroidery takes me from a miserable reality to a magic world. —Samar Embroidery plays a central role in these women’s lives, providing not only income but also an opportunity to...
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Aseela Women’s Cooperative

Aug 07, 2017
Aseela produces a top-quality soap from naturally-grown Palestinian olive oil, using the traditional methods. The collective has grown since its start in 2004 to include 20 women. Aseela works under the principles...
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