San Francisco, CA: Palestinian Cartoonist Mohammad Saabaneh

May 09, 2017

"Life and Prison in Palestine: A Cartoonist's Eye"

Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh -- a Palestinian graphic artist living in Ramallah in the West Bank -- is touring the US in May with his new book, "White and Black, Political Cartoons from Palestine."

He'll be in San Francisco:
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 
518 Valencia Street
6:30-7pm: Reception, light snacks
7-9pm, program

Sliding scale donation $5-$15, no one turned away

“Each of Mohammad Sabaaneh’s powerful drawings is like a gut punch that gets straight to the essence of the stark reality of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. This is how an artist resists.”
--Joe Sacco, author and illustrator, whose books include "Palestine" and "Footnotes in Gaza"

"Sabaaneh’s illustrations are intricate and moving—stark, striking, and rich with Palestinian visual traditions and symbols. The result is a series of intimate portraits of Palestinian life under occupation that combines history and present day reality. These cartoons are a powerful call to action, both to the international community and to the Palestinian people, serving as a reminder that at the end of the day it is we—Palestinians around the world—who will be the masters of our own destiny."
--Leila Abdelrazaq, graphic artist and author of "Baddawi"

Mohammad Sabaaneh has gained worldwide renown for his stark black-and-white sketches, which draw attention to brutalities of the Israeli occupation and celebrate the Palestinians’ popular resistance. These provocative drawings do not flinch from tackling the tough subjects that confront Palestinians, from Israel’s everyday injustices in the West Bank to their frequent military operations on Gaza. This collection includes 180 of Sabaaneh’s best cartoons, some of them depicting the experience of Palestinian political prisoners being held in Israel.

In his Foreword, titled “Sabaaneh’s Social Surrealism”, veteran American political cartoonist Seth Tobocman notes the influence of Picasso and Braque on Sabaaneh’s work, and asks: “Can there be an accurate depiction of an insane situation? Why should we draw in perspective when the world has lost its perspective? When reality becomes bizarre social realism gives way to social surrealism."

Watch a short video of Mohammad

Event sponsored by Just World Educational, cosponsored by Middle East Children's Alliance, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, Palestinian Youth Movement, Al-Awda, and Arab Muslim Diaspora Studies, San Francisco State University