Quick Update from Gaza: Psychosocial Support for Children

So much emphasis is placed on food and medicine in times of crisis, which is obviously needed and important. But the most important medicine we can give the children of Gaza is to help them understand their pain and move forward so they can have healthy and happy lives. This medicine does not come from taking a pill. It comes from committed professionals, like these amazing women here in Gaza. They are psychologists, social workers, teachers and art therapists, who spend each day healing the wounds of war.

Interview From Gaza: Walking WIth MECA

The following interview was given by Danny Muller from Gaza, who was traveling with Barbara Lubin in support of MECA's projects in Palestine.  Excerpts of the interview were published in the Portland Phoenix, but the entire interview is below, which provides more context and history.

Can you give a brief synopsis of the two projects you’re working on, and the different ways in which they are important?

Afaq Jadeeda Association

Nuseirat Refugee Camp, Gaza

Afaq JadeedaThe Afaq Jadeeda (New Horizons) Association in Nuseirat Refugee Camp, Gaza was established in 1996. Afaq Jadeeda provides a creative outlet for more than 50 children daily, and holds summer and winter camps. The center also has a library, a stage for plays, a football (soccer) team, a growing computer lab, English classes for kids ages 14-18, and a kindergarten for 100 children.

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