Winter Clothes for Children in Gaza

I wish you the best for a New Year on behalf of thousands of women and children in Gaza. And I thank all the supporters of the Middle East Children's Alliance.

Sometimes in Gaza we pretend life is normal. But the way we live should not be normal for anyone in the world.

Ten years living under the Israeli blockade, two years after the last horrible war on Gaza—on top of decades of dispossession and occupation—what is normal for us is really a very difficult life.

We are still surrounded by bombed out buildings. Family homes are full of holes, letting the cold wind and rain inside. Hospitals are still trying to cope with electricity black-outs, and doctors don’t have enough medicines. Children are still crying from nightmares, memories, loud noises and fear. 

This month, MECA along with volunteers from our local partners in Gaza worked hard to package and distribute warm clothing for 900 children in Gaza.

We purchased the clothing at this small factory in Beit Lahia, Gaza so that both the funds and the clothing will support families in Gaza where unemployment is 42% due to the Israeli occupation & siege.