Update from Gaza November 17: Day 4 of the Assault

Gaza today- Saturday, 17th of November 2012-8 am

I went to the Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip to work on the coordination between different emergency health services. The society's diagnostic center is now open around the clock. I was there this morning and met the health team who were startled after the nearby police building was destroyed, which caused a huge damage to the nearby buildings including the Red Crescent's building. I was there in a solidarity and facts finding mission. As I arrived, the ambulance delivered a child with a head injury, Islam Baheesy age 14 from Deir el Balah camp. A direct explosion hit his house and caused his injury.  I was unable to have more information. The child was sent to the Shifa hospital for further medical intervention.

The Red Crescent's health team was in good spirits, though tired after working continuous extra hours. I spoke with one of the nurses a single mother who could not leave her little 5 years boy behind as he was clinging to her and very afraid.

On  my way to the Red Crescent Society I could see the deserted streets of my town, could smell the death and destruction around. There were shattered windows, destroyed homes and large buildings. All of this is the outcome of last 3 days of heavy shelling.  The Israeli drones are occupying my beautiful sky and I can hear serial explosions by the jet fighters

After I have arrived home safely, I thought to share this update with you.

Love you all, it is a matter of time, the oppressor is one and we are many and the future is ours I am pretty sure.

Have a good day from Gaza with love