Update from Gaza November 16: Day 3 of the Assault

I can hear the Israeli shelling, it is frequent and so so loud ! It shakes the tower. The local radio says it is the Ministry of Finance Square and Abu Mazen Square. OMG SO CLOSE.

I am on the floor. It is frightening to know that one of the rockets did not explode and landed on a house. So frightening. This should stop now. I have nothing to say except we are many and the oppressors are few and it is just a matter of small actions on the part of everyone to resist and then the oppressors will be defeated, defintely they will. I love you all and appreciate your solidarity.

I just received a call from a friend. All of his apartment windows were shattered by the last blast and his cousin was injured. His children are terrified. It is non stop. Ugly sounds of explosions, jet fighters, carrying death, horror and destruction.

Last night's bombing did not cause many causalities , the death toll is 18 and 248 injured .