Testing for Pollutants in Gaza: Rain Water Collection

On November 23, with the help of MECA volunteers in Gaza, I managed to collect 40 water samples from locations all over Gaza. We were sleep deprived and traumatized from the eight days and nights of Israeli shelling but knew this was an important task so we got it done.

I was contacted by a professor who is conducting an environmental analysis on air pollution after military interventions. He is trying to find out the effects of the Israeli attacks on Gaza earlier in the month in terms of pollution and contamination of the local water supply and deterioration of the environment in Gaza. So as the rain poured down on us for the first time since the ceasefire, we scooped up samples from wherever we could. 

Our directions were: "Getting water from puddles is OK, or from runoff from gutters coming down from roofs, or from streams.  The idea is that the rain is washing off the settled dust, so we want dirty water." 

Today, after weeks of contacting different agencies and colleagues, we have finally managed to secure a route out of Gaza for the samples so they can be tested! Please keep checking MECA website for updates about the results.