Night of Horror

It was a  night of horror. I could not sleep as the Israeli naval operation continued for more than 3 hours against Gaza Beach in search of the wreckage of the destroyed Israeli jet fighter. Many successive shelling non stop. I was awake like  most people of the city. It is good to be in touch with friends on the Facebook, it gives me some comfort feeling that I am not completely alone feeling unsafe and tense.

At dawn more jet fighters were in the blue sky of my beautiful city, carrying death and horror against a population that is majority women and children. The birds are so terrified by the explosions. pigeons and seagulls are panicking, flying over the sea, and I can hear dogs barking.

I have not sleep for continuous 3 nights and days. At 6 am I decide to try and get some sleep then all of a sudden 4 large explosions in the center of the town bang bang bang and bangggggggggggggggggg.

4 big explosions in the center of Gaza City. What is this?  F16s hit the government compound that was completely destroyed during the cast lead operation in 2008. Now it is empty land surrounded
with residential buildings, crowded homes.  What is the aim? To terrify the civilians? Tens of homes have been partially damaged! Look I think the Israelis have lost their compass and their
mission in Gaza is Mission Impossible. They will face great failure despite our lives and property loss because we have nothing to lose but our chains.

Remember we are here to stay and steadfast we are occupied and freedom fighters, we are not victims we are on freedom path.