Nahr El-Bared, Episode 2? An update from one of MECA's partners in Lebanon

We received this distressing email from Rabih Salah of Ajial Association. MECA has worked with Ajial to send 2 large shipments of medicine and medical supplies to Palestinian and Iraqi refugees in Lebanon. MECA also contributed to the Nahr El-Bared relief campaign in 2007 and funded a playground in the refugee camp in 2008. We are very concerned about the news that one child was killed on Friday and hope there will not be more violence and forced displacement for the families living in Nahr El-Bared.

Dear all,
after all the incidents that have been taking place in Lebanon, especially referring to the conflicts in Tripoly, which took place during the last month. "a small model of a civil war" a lot of people have noted, including politicians, media and experts.

I'm not going to evaluate or even comment on the Role of the Lebanese Army during those times, but what I will high light is the way this Army is reacting when ever palestinians are involved.

again i wont go into the details of how the Army reacted back in 2007 in Naher El Bared, but what i will for sure do is make sure that all of you on this list (all BCC'd) get to know the facts of today 15 of June 2012 attacks on Civilians, NON Armed population of Naher El Bared, here you have some facts:

the Army (who has been tightly underseiging Naher El Bared Camp (NBC) for the last 5 years) with a police petrol inters NBC as they regularly do during the last 5 years.

they stop a young man on a motorbike, ask for his papers (reminding you that nothing, absolutely nothing gets int NBC without being checked and double checked by the military check points) weired enough he gave it to them, and commented on that it is all leagle.

on the spot a military officer shout at him and told him to respect the officers when they talk to him, he seem to have answered back (again in a logical non offensive way), another soldier jumps over him and hit him with the botom of his rifel,

the young men who have started gathering far around the incident, started coming closer, the Army shoots in the air. the situation gets tensed, and confrentations started.

Un-Armed, the population answered back to the armies brutality in reacting towards an indefensive young person...

end of story as we know it ...

the rest is gloomy and dark, no phone land lines in NBC, no cell phone coverage, no media, only sounds of bombs falling (AGAIN) over Naher El Bared Camp, careless shooting, angry population now isolated by gun shoots and Armed ready to shoot Military  ... mobilizations in Bedawee Camp (just in the same place were they protested back in 2008 and 2 unarmed civilians were killed by military fires) ... 

so tomorrow wont be a story were the Palestinians are to blame ... i write this email to hold you all witnesses

Now that you know, Do what you feel right ...

Rabih Salah