Diaries of Love and War

1:30 pm - Gaza - I am not sure if it is Wednesday or Tuesday

I cannot forget the shivering of lovely Sara Ameen in my arms last night.  The successive explosions went on and on, so loud and terrifying. The child was crying and I had to calm her down. My own daughter was so tense as well. 

I advised Sara's dad and mum to leave the building for medical reasons.  Ameen had open heart surgery 4 years ago, just after the Cast Lead Operation.  I told him to leave the building so he can stay closer to a medical center in case he needs any special assistance. It is so dangerous and difficult to move. Right now many patients need help in their homes because they cannot reach the hospitals or medical facilities.  Thousands of children are terrified and need to feel safe, but parents cannot protect them.  We parents are all trying hard but the aggression is so savage and inhuman and no place is safe.

Leena, an architechtural engineer and my next door neighbor suggested to make the best of the quite moments and go to the kitchen and cook something with whatever ingredients I have in my cupboard.  A way to distract the 2 girls' attention and to be able to cope with these hard times.  Leena is a lovely young woman and she gives me great support with the computer, facebook, etc. as well as with her friendship.

When  I have the power, I get real friendly, human and lovely support from an Egyptian friend who lives in Gambia.  We met only once but he is a great comrade.  He tries all the time to distract my attention away from the banging sounds of bombs on top of my head.  Another wonderful Egyptian comrade does the same.  But I personally feel bad and low.  I know how much they are worried about me and all of Gaza's population.  I receive many encouraging and supportive messages and phone calls from Gaza and abroad which calms me down for a short while.  But then the shelling continues...

I will go now to the Red Crescent Society to check on the health team needs.  I am tired.  I need to recharge my strength.  In one week I've slept 10 hours.  If the bombing stops I thinkI need to sleep 3 continuous days.  And I'm not sure how long I need to heal.  I'm not sure how long it will take any of us who have been subjected to this madness and horror.  It is an unequal confrontation where American sophisticated  weapons and missiles are continuously  dropping on top of Palestinian civilians in different refugees camps, cities and towns across Gaza.  We need a lot of work to help our community to heal.  

Israel will never gets its security by occupying and oppressing another nation.  We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Love you all,

Dr. Mona El-Farra