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September 12, 2014

Join MECA in welcoming physician, author, filmmaker and longtime activist Alice Rothchild. Alice wrot ON THE BRINK during a solidarity visit to the West Bank at the end of June 2014 – a narrative that is lively, honest—and heartbreaking. Alice documents the stories and lives that do not make the evening news, but are essential to understanding the social and political context of life in Palestine and Israel today.

September 17, 2014

French director Michel Gondry applies his playful imagination to animating a series of conversations with esteemed linguist, philosopher, political commentator and activist Noam Chomsky. The result is not only a dazzling, vital portrait of one of the foremost thinkers of modern times, but also a beautifully animated work of art.  BUY TICKETS ONLINE

November 06, 2014

MECA is thrilled to host this celebration of award-winning reporter Nora Barrows-Friedman's new book which documents the emergence and success of the Students for Justice in Palestine movement, using many of Nora's investigative interviews with activists nationwide.

August 25, 2014 (All day) - September 15, 2014 (All day)
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Sep 2, 2014
Aug 30, 2014
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 25, 2014
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